PE064: Podcasting and Prosperity with Joan Sotkin

PE064: Podcasting and Prosperity with Joan Sotkin

“In order to change your life, you have to change. Your life is not going to change so that you can change. You have to change so that your life can change…It’s simple, but it ain’t easy.”

~Joan Sotkin, The Prosperity Show

When you talk about having “podcast envy,” your mind may wander to your podcasting mentors — those whose shows have inspired you to want to get on the mic more than anything.

Joan Sotkin is a self-described new age-y weirdo — who knows how to deliver unflinching advice about money. In her 80 years of life, Joan’s mastered the art of expressing herself exactly as she is. Her podcast, The Prosperity Show, is one of the first shows I ever discovered as a listener, and just in time to help guide me through navigating bankruptcy after closing my first business — and starting over again. 

On the show, Joan discusses concepts like quantum healing or intuition as engines for financial freedom. As she’s fond of saying, whether there’s too little or too much of it (!!), if you’ve got a problem with money, your issue is not about money. 

What if that philosophy were applied to all of the creative shifts whirling around right now? Sure, there’s a gigantic external force at play, but what if COVID-19 only exposed the cracks we’d chosen to ignore?

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“Let your podcast be that vehicle for self-expression and don’t worry what other people think.

~Joan Sotkin

When asked to offer some advice on pandemic pivots, Joan responded with her trademark straight-talking, new age-y candor. “Don’t try to be like anyone else. Have faith that, if people hear what you have to say and they really like what you’re offering, you’ll get ideas for making money.” 

In her own life, Joan prefers to let situations evolve rather than forcing them to take shape. That’s not to say there’s no plan behind her progress; she didn’t survive a bankruptcy only to make the same mistakes. Instead, she reframed her understanding of success, fulfillment, and satisfaction. 

She admits that allowing room for these synchronicities to thrive is a challenge in a world where more is better, faster. But she urges creators to take advantage of the pandemic’s ambiguous timetable, to sit still and reexamine their core motivations rather than mimicking the wholesale changes others have rushed toward.

“When you learn to accept what is, you learn to be satisfied.” Then you can make meaningful and even prosperous moves.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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