CI112: Talk about what’s in your heart with Lisa James

CI112: Talk about what’s in your heart with Lisa James

Travel will humble you quickly.

~Lisa James, Adventurous Midlifer

Mark this episode as your first dose of The Creative Impostor’s cure for cabin fever, a prescription for passport blues and Instagram envy in the time of COVID.

Lisa James kicks off a series of conversations with travel storytellers. The woman behind Adventurous Midlifer is challenging the rigid terms by which influencers are defined – and fostering genuine connections along the way.

An intrepid adventurer, Lisa’s embraced travel realness since she first grabbed her passport, her backpack, her five-year-old twins and set off Guatemala. In 1999. Pre-5G. Post-Guatemalan civil war. 

35 countries later, Lisa’s enjoying her life as the antithesis of Instagram’s typical travel influencer. She’s Black, budget-conscious, and middle-aged. She doesn’t even like taking or posting pictures all that much! Not exactly a POV found with a quick scroll. 

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I just felt like I wanted to create something where I can talk about what I love – which is travel – but I can talk about what’s in my heart, that’s relevant to this season in my life, of midlife.”

~Lisa James

And yet…Lisa counts many Millenials among her growing number of followers. They, like Lisa’s GenX contemporaries, are drawn to her practical destination information and conversations about travel biases and expectations – proof that authenticity can flourish amid algorithms.

It doesn’t hurt that Lisa’s got incredible stories to tell. Or that her voice lends a much-needed counterpoint to the product placement and freebies associated with top travel profiles. 

With COVID temporarily preventing Lisa from adding to her bucket list, she’s shifted her attention to growing Adventurous Midlifer, shaping it into a virtual destination for like-minded travellers.

Thanks to Creative Imposter guest #14 (!!) Beth Santos, founder and CEO of Wanderful, for leading me to the amazing Lisa!

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