PE071: Office Hours – Kristen Channel asks… How big of an audience do I need?

PE071: Office Hours – Kristen Channel asks… How big of an audience do I need?

I’ve been really trying to work with people to shift that perspective that downloads numbers in podcasting are really not everything.

~Andrea Klunder, Your Podcast Boss

Want to eavesdrop on a conversation between a Podcast Boss and her client? Yeah, you do! 

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Podcast Envy Office Hours, the series that answers all of those burning pod-process questions. Seriously, open your favorite notes app now because you’ll want to return to this advice as you develop, tweak, or just dream about your own show.

Kristen Channel is a professional editor and copywriter. She’s also a lot like you: an avid pod-listener (she follows at least 75 shows) and nascent pod-creator. She’s got a pretty solid handle on my first rule of podcast creation – determine your why

A self-described multipotentialite*, Kristen envisions her interview-based show as an outlet for her wide-ranging curiosity. She’s especially interested in featuring like-minded women who have escaped society’s rigid specialization norms. Sounds awesome, right?

But oh, those tasks between why and how! They can be real buzzkills without proper guidance, and a bit of cheerleading. That’s where Office Hours comes in.

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Article Continued

“I also go back to this really simple advice when I started… my partner said to me… if you had a hundred people in the room physically in front of you listening to what you had to say that wouldn’t feel small.

~Andrea Klunder

Kristen and I discuss the process of building a brand and attracting an audience – and you get to listen in! I break down the actionable steps I recommend Kristen take to gain audience insight, plot content strategy and solidify her engagement tactics. I even namedrop a few helpful production tools. We’re talking seriously good bullet point-worthy information if this Podcast Boss does say so herself. 

And, no, I didn’t forget about metrics.

Oh, the all-important gauge of a show’s success (said with plenty of side-eye). From social media followers to downloads, the episode closes on this crucial takeaway (bullet point it!): comparison is the thief of joy of a fledgeling podcast.

*multipotentialite: a super-fun term used to describe someone with many interests and creative pursuits. It stems from the word multipotentiality–a psychological and educational term used to describe people who display aptitudes across multiple disciplines.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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