CI113: Follow your deep craving with Zselyke Kecskés

CI113: Follow your deep craving with Zselyke Kecskés

I was incredibly romantic because all my ideas about working and becoming a professional and building my career, they were already a little bit torn apart by me quitting my first job.

~Zselyke Kecskés

This episode is a love story, an old-fashioned romance with a quirky meet-cute, all filtered through the lens of decidedly modern challenges: WhatsApp courtship, COVID complications, and digital nomadship. It’s the stuff of Netflix dreams – with a dose of reality that only serves to make the story more relatable.

The heroine of this adventure, Zselyke Kecskés, is a multilingual digital marketing specialist for small business. Her decisions may appear scattershot on paper. Girl goes to a mountain meditation retreat. Girl meets boy. Girl and boy spend intense days together. Girl travels 30 hours to be with boy one week before starting a new job.

And that’s just where the story gets exciting! Listen closely.

As Zselyke’s journey progresses – from Hungary (the country of her birth) to Chicago (her current location) – the main drivers of her life become apparent and begin to make complete sense together. 

Wanderlust and belonging are competing forces on paper. The push to get out vs the pull to settle down. And the two apply not only to travel but to jobs and relationships as well. But beyond the incredible travelogue that Zselyke’s story provides (especially in the time of pandemic-paused roaming), her life experiences are a reminder that the two work well in tandem if we allow ourselves the space to let them play out. 

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Article Continued

If there’s a really deep craving in your heart, then I would advise people to follow it and I know it sounds very cheesy. Following your heart is probably something you won’t regret.”

~Zselyke Kecskés

No spoilers here. The many twists and turns in Zselyke’s tale have not worked out in a way that she could have ever foreseen. She freely admits to harboring naive expectations in the face of unattainable goals. She acknowledges her friend’s concern for her well-being and her anxiety about the future of her career – not to mention her personal life.

Then again, the pandemic has prompted many of us to experience these same anxieties. Zselyke’s story will restore your optimism…and give you a touch of wanderlust.

Mentioned in this episode is another firsthand Creative Impostor account of the not-always-to-plan digital nomad experience: Pivot Before You Need To with Ivy Summer.

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