PE072: The Expat Multi-Podcaster Life with Sarah Mikutel

PE072: The Expat Multi-Podcaster Life with Sarah Mikutel

You’re podcasting to make a difference and to have meaning in people’s lives.

~Sarah Mikutel, Postcard Academy, Podcasting Step-By-Step

When you have two podcasts, you get to orchestrate your own crossover of sorts. And I’m in good company! My guest for this show (and an upcoming episode of The Creative Impostor) is fellow multipodcaster Sarah Mikutel, the creator of Postcard Academy and Podcasting Step-By-Step. She’s also got a *secret* third show because overachiever…more on that pod later.

When Sarah got down to planning both shows (and that secret third), she followed the wise counsel of podcasting goddess Elsie Escobar: create what you want to hear in the world. It’s advice Sarah applies to the evolution process as well, that freedom to tweak or make wholesale changes as her interests expand beyond a show’s original concept.

I hear rumbles of concern out there. “What if some audience members don’t like the changes and drop off!?” Sarah says vanity metrics be damned! There are worse fates than producing a show you thoroughly enjoy listening to – like shackling your creative energies to a premise that no longer feels authentic because: arbitrary performance numbers.

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Article Continued

“I hope that we are thinking more deeply about what we want out of life.”

~Sarah Mikutel

So, more about Sarah and her many shows. Pre-COVID, she was busy enjoying her enviable expat life in England. Working overseas meant easy access to bucket list travel destinations – and numerous vacation days with which to explore them. What she didn’t have was the patience for endless blog scrolling or disappointing guidebook recs. So, she rolled the small amount of professional experience she’d gained at her job into Postcard Academy and, in late 2017, the show posted its first episode. 

Most recently, Sarah’s taken on the business side of her craft, offering insights and tutorials via Podcasting Step-By-Step. Where the travel show is a pure labor of love, …Step-By-Step dovetails with her consulting service. And, yes, the goal for that podcast is to drive business to her consultancy. But here, too, Sarah has first created a show she wants to listen to, one that connects her to her community and provides a knowledgeable, fun resource for free. 

As for that *secret* third show… you’ll have to listen in to find out the intriguing, super-niche details!

Peace, love, and podcasting!

P.S. My podcasting celebrity personality according to Sarah’s quiz… OPRAH!!! Take the quiz yourself.

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