How To Be An Awesome Podcast Host Featuring Karen Yates

How To Be An Awesome Podcast Host Featuring Karen Yates

“When you have diversity on your show, you’re hearing from so many points of view that will generate rich conversations and surprising conversations and make you check your own privilege and check your own point of view.”

~Karen Yates, Wild & Sublime

Psst. Want to know the secret to becoming a better podcast host? It’s not your equipment. Well, okay, yes: the equipment helps. But even a newbie podcaster with lackluster tech can attract a dedicated audience by delivering a consistent, quality relationship. 

Relationships are everything. Research indicates that while folks may listen to podcasts for entertainment and information, they remain loyal to a specific show because of its host. 

Karen Yates is definitely that host. She’s a producer, host, and mastermind behind the Wild and Sublime, the super-successful, highly binge-able podcast about sex for everyone, no matter their preferences, orientation, or relationship style. She’s also a friend, a previous Podcast Envy guest, and a Creative Impostor Studios client. 

I mentioned to Karen that the “better hosting skills” convo is difficult to have with many podcasters because they feel like they’re already a confident and competent communicator. They’re focused instead on how to grow, monetize, or improve the technical aspects of their show, not their artistry behind the mic. She agrees. “I think some folks are like, well, I have great conversations with my friends. Ergo, if I’m a good conversationalist, I’m a good podcast interviewer. And I don’t think they’re exactly the same skillsets.”

She’s right.

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We also cover:

  • Insight into Karen’s pre-production, production, and post-production processes when creating Wild & Sublime
  • How she sets her guest up for success each and every time
  • Facilitating smooth, engaging panel discussions (Karen’s signature episode style)
  • Voice acting and self-care tips
  • How to work with your editor to create a system of communication that helps them read your mind, even if that editor is yourself
  • How I think about my relationship with YOU!

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The most critical aspect of being a good interviewer is passion. Passion and curiosity.

Karen Yates

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Once you decide to create a podcast and become a host, you’re a voice professional. Your primary instrument is not your microphone, it’s your voice. If you don’t develop it, you’ll give audiences a reason to move on to a different show.

Your Podcast Boss would never let that happen! Here are a few of my fave hosting tips:

  • Get into the rhythm. “You can’t push against what is when you’re dealing with a guest,” says Karen. “Accept their energy, and then it’s kind of like dancing.”
  • Act natural, strategically. Worried that nudging a guest to comment won’t sound organic? Don’t be. Well-placed prompts (and subsequent edits) create conversations that flow.
  • Craft different but authentic voice personas. Karen adopts various delivery styles to lend structure to her episodes. Think NPR-style narrator, sidebar commenter, subject matter novice, comedian.
  • Skip the pre-show cheese stick. Seriously. 

But wait, there’s more, including Karen’s number one tip for better hosting, but you’ll have to check out the episode to get it!

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