How To Make Your Podcast MORE Entertaining

How To Make Your Podcast MORE Entertaining

“And then you bring in the audience. And that’s the element you really can’t control. If you try to play a piece for laughs, or forced sentimentality, your audience will know.”

~Andrea Fellows Fineberg, Key Change, The Santa Fe Opera & Opera For All Voices

I’ve been learning about sales. NOT my natural zone of genius, but I’m necessarily getting better at it, partly thanks to one of our clients, Paul Reilly at The Q and A Sales Podcast. On a recent episode called “What separates top achieving salespeople?” Paul said that 79% of top achievers’ sales success is because of the customer relationships they build. 

Furthermore, his team asked buyers and decision makers: Why would you choose one partner over another?  Relationship with a salesperson ranked higher, meaning more important, than price. And part of relationship building is ENTERTAINMENT.

You may be thinking, “But Andrea, I’m not selling anything when I’m making a podcast!”


On the surface, you may have a podcast to help you sell a product or service, join your membership, come to your event. Dig deeper and you may be selling them on an idea, concept, or a change you want to see in your niche. And ultimately you are ALWAYS selling them on continuing to spend their valuable time and attention listening to your podcast.

So how are YOU going to make your podcast more entertaining as you build that relationship with your listener (i.e. your customer?)

I’ve got 10 ideas for you! 

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Article Continued

  1. Storytelling – Encounter Culture, The Q and A Sales Podcast
  2. Humor – (me, all day, every day!)
  3. Vulnerability, intimacy & disclosure – Conversations With A Wounded Healer, Wild & Sublime
  4. Emotions – Key Change
  5. Visual / sensory language that activates the listener’s imagination 
  6. Trending topics, hot takes, unpopular opinions, or subverting expectations
  7. Recurring touch points, themes, or segments – Key Change
  8. Audio texture – music, ambiance, sound design – use your voice as an instrument
  9. Help your listeners see themself – listener questions, client interviews, relevant examples, speak directly WITH THEM
  10. Gamification & ways to interact – Twenty Thousand Hertz Dallas Taylor (mystery sound), Flash Forward with Rose Evelith (hidden reference), podcast reviews, hashtags, voicemail or emails,

You may be thinking, “Do I have to sing? Be funny? Do investigative journalism? Sound design????”

NOT NECESSARILY! Choosing your approach is all about knowing your listener and knowing YOURSELF. Authenticity will be your compass.

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