Social Media + Podcasting: the Creative Bash with Andrea + Lauren Ramsey

Social Media + Podcasting: the Creative Bash with Andrea + Lauren Ramsey

Business owners that joined TikTok this year and started their strategy are gonna have dividends that pay for years… But I think past next year, we’re gonna start seeing that saturation start to come into play, and then it becomes more and more tricky to get organic reach.”

~Lauren Ramsey, Betsy Bash

Episode Transcript (AI generated)

Oh heyyy… It’s me, Andrea, Your Podcast Boss. If your first reaction is a pointed “Um. Okayyy. It’s been a while.” You’re not wrong. But! I’ve got a good explanation for this year’s spotty output: YOU.

YOU and your desire to grow a podcast audience via your social media content. YOU and your yearning for an effective brand strategy across all your social platforms. YOU and your struggle to navigate the algorithm deep end.

In my quest to help podcasters work smarter, not harder, I had to own up to my weakness: I am not a social media expert. 

Show launches and consulting? Absolutely! Pod production and editing? I’m your go-to! However, I need help when clients ask how they can extend their podcast’s reach via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and the others. 

“The biggest struggle right now for anybody on Instagram, for example, is that it’s a very saturated marketplace. To get followers, people need to see your posts and know that you’re out there––but only 10 to 20% of your followers are gonna see your posts.” So says my dear friend and social strategy expert, Lauren Ramsey. 

As founder and chief engagement officer of Betsy Bash, Lauren and her digital marketing team turn casual engagement into consistent sales. Or, as is the case with our new partnership, into podcast audiences. 

We call it The Creative Bash, a Creative Impostor Studios + Betsy Bash collab that provides podcasters with an integrated brand messaging solution. CI helps you craft a show of significance. BB delivers tactics that beat the algorithm on your behalf via strategy development or strategy plus full implementation and management. 

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“There’s also a fundamental underlying problem with the thinking that is, “I have a podcast, I want to grow my audience. I need more podcast listeners. Therefore, I need to blast out my new episodes on social media because someone is going to see my post on Instagram and then immediately go subscribe to or follow my podcast.

Andrea Klunder

Branding extends so far beyond logo colors and fonts. It’s also the voice, the calls to action, what you want your audience to do, and how you’ll support them in doing it. Isn’t it time your audio branding and social marketing conveyed one cohesive message?

“Social media’s not going anywhere,” notes Lauren. But social-intimidated podcasters can take heart! “If you match your content and strategy to who you’re trying to reach, it’s an easier game.” 

Find out how The Creative Bash can help you decode platform trends and design effective and authentic podcast content!

What’s your biggest win for your podcast on social media? Your biggest frustration?  Whether you’re new to podcasting or you’ve been producing your show for a while, we’d love to hear your ideas and inspiration and answer any questions you may have about podcasting on an upcoming “Hey, Andrea…” episode of Podcast Envy. 

Email me and put Podcast Envy in the subject line. You may just get a shout out for your show, along with an answer to your question or a little validation for your idea on a future episode.

Peace, love, and podcasting!

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