024: Play Dress-Up – Darcie Purcell & Susan Marzano, Soul Love Fest

024: Play Dress-Up – Darcie Purcell & Susan Marzano, Soul Love Fest

“We believe in magic and possibility… and pixie dust. A year and a half ago, I would have never said those things out loud. I was too ‘professional’ and now I say them every day.” ~Darcie Purcell

Be careful what you wish for because you WILL get it!

Culinary event planners Darcie Purcell and Susan Marzano are following their intuition and serving up an “amuse bouche” of nourishment for your soul.

In this episode, we talk about:

*How Darcie & Susan discovered their powers of manifestation doing urban vision quests in Susan’s Chicago apartment

*The spooky side of the law of attraction

*How to get in touch with what you really want and the origin of Soul Love Fest

*Why Soul Love Fest is different from other yoga or spiritual festivals — from martial arts real-life ninja Izzy Arkin to Self-Love for Real People (unicorns & rainbows not included) with Josh Becker to Peace & Play Yoga Nidra for Creative Clarity with Andrea Klunder (ME!)

*The dangers of “compare & despair” and how to get yourself out of that spiral

*Why authenticity is the remedy for “impostor syndrome”

*The magic of friendship, humor, retreats, self-care and Rocky

*How to make bold life decisions and take action by playing “dress-up” and choosing your destiny out of a hat

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“We were tired of food — it felt like work and we weren’t looking for that. We were looking for freedom.” ~Susan Marzano

About Darcie & Susan & Soul Love Fest

Darcie Purcell, Co-Founder of Soul Love Fest

Hi there,
If you have found your way here, we want to let you know right now that it is not by accident and we are so happy you are here! You might be wondering who we are, so here is a little background on the two of us.  Susan is from the South Side of Chicago while Darcie is from Hawaii. We couldn’t be more different on the surface but we are connected by our constant quest to live BIG lives. We have worked together professionally for over 10 years, planning events and building brands in the culinary world. All the while, we have had deep conversations about life and asking all of those big questions that come up as we grow up. We jokingly refer to ourselves as the “tribe of two”. We have weekly accountability calls, created homemade “urban vision quests”, and we have had many MANY starts, stops, detours and missteps along the way.

The journey has lead us to soul LOVE.

We believe there are more of us out there and wanted to create a space to pause, reconnect and nourish the soul and meet people wherever they are on their journey. Thank you for being a part of bringing our dream to life. Here’s to BIG lives, being scared and doing it anyway. We see you. ~Darcie and Susan

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Peace & Play Yoga Nidra is at 10:00am on Saturday!

“You have to start somewhere… it’s never going to be perfect, but then you take that step and you see where you are.” ~Darcie Purcell

Creative Space Retreat to New Orleans

NOLA Jazz!

Our first retreat to one of my favorite cities in the whole world is in the works for March 2017! Get the inside scoop…

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