NEW! Online Master Class: Metta Meditation

NEW! Online Master Class: Metta Meditation

Do you ever feel isolated — like you’re living, working and creating inside a vacuum?
Do you get frustrated, angry, anxious, or disappointed with others or with yourself?
Have you tried meditation and just can’t get your mind to be quiet?

I know how it feels. I’ve been meditating since the late 90’s and teaching for over 10 years and my mind still runs away with me at times.

And yet…

Metta is a simple meditation technique that can be practiced anytime, anywhere to free you from these feelings of disconnection and decrease your stress levels by expanding your awareness of kindness and compassion in every day interactions.

It helps you fine tune your deep listening and perception skills so you can connect better with the people in your life and nurture a sense of community in your world.

It gives your busy mind ONE point of focus toward which you can direct your attention, rather than trying to “clear” your mind or simply stop thinking (which we know doesn’t really work anyway!)

And I have made it EASY for you to learn what to do, why it works, when it’s most effective and HOW on earth to integrate it into your full life schedule so you can drop in, get connected and be clear in any situation.

Monday, September 26th @ 8:00pm CST

Get the details & reserve your spot right here!


Not convinced? Check out Episode 019 of the podcast to get the back story on Self-Compassion and the power of Metta.