025: Community Online & Off, Social Media Anxiety (and how to cure it)

025: Community Online & Off, Social Media Anxiety (and how to cure it)

“…being creative all by yourself really just doesn’t work. It doesn’t! I mean, who are you creating for? If you’re writing, it’s meant to be read. If you’re playing music, it’s meant to be heard. If you’re taking photographs, they’re meant to be seen. If you’re creating a business, it’s meant to serve… someone.” ~Andrea Klunder

OH! ITS BEEN TOO LONG since our last episode.

September FLEW by but never fear, that can only mean that a LOT has been happening over here…  I started two new jobs, one of which is teaching podcasting & digital journalism to special needs high schoolers here in Chicago and THAT has been a huge challenge to wrap my creative brain around.

Find out how that’s going AND how to join our creative community for support in your visions, dreams, projects and lifestyle.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:






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“What DOES help is reminding myself that I do have something that I’m passionate about and that people have told me I’m good at.~Lauren Ramsey, Betsy Bash

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Lauren Ramsey, CEO & Founder, Betsy Bash

Lauren Ramsey is a Social Story Teller. Throughout her life, she has lived in five countries and visited thirty countries across four continents. At a young age, she not only knew how to adapt to new environments, cultures and ways of life, but she did not see it as anything other than normal. Throughout her life and career, this unique skill set has complimented her analytical mind and helped her to adapt to new teams, understand problems from a different point of view and find new ways to tackle and solve any problem.

Lauren graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX with a double major in Managment Information Systems and Business. In high school, her passion for technology led her to sign up for HTML and C++ courses, and her passion for story-telling compelled her to write a journal of her High School memories complete with trinkets, mementos, and photos that she passed around each week to her friends to help them re-live and remember their times together. You could say, it was her first blog, before blogs even existed. In her college years, she studied business, finance, marketing, and management as well as software design, data analysis, and coding. After graduating from college, she worked full time in IT Project Managment and part-time at Radio Disney. She has managed million dollar projects as well as learned branding and promotions from the best in the business.

Lauren has built a career around celebrating the creativity of others, while also measuring and analyzing the success of their creative pursuits, and being flexible enough to chase different answers if the current plan isn’t working. On a daily basis, she can be found creating social media strategies and posts for her clients at Betsy Bash, and content strategy, articles and podcast episodes for LaurenIgnited.com, an online magazine for music, food, travel and culture enthusiasts.

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