042: Come over and play

042: Come over and play

“There’s a very blurry line between making art and working when your art is your life and your passion is your art and your art becomes your business and your business is work… it’s a tricky cycle.” ~Andrea Klunder

Self-promotion & Play like Oil & Water? Maybe not…

When I was a kid, the other kids on the block would get frustrated because rather than just riding bikes together, I always wanted to creates some structure and do things like make them play traffic cop.

Not a lot has changed, in that even as an adult, I have a tendency to turn my creative passions into hard work.

But what happens when forces in your life, your community, your clients, and even your tarot cards conspire to get you out of your rut and just play?

Find out…

“At first I was like, “ugh, I have so much work to do this weekend, I don’t have time to screw around in the forest preserve, shooting slow motion video for what purpose I have no idea.”” ~Andrea Klunder

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Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band – my muses for movement, music & myth

The Bhakti Caravan – the band I sing with

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“And I thought to myself yes these women totally get it. This is what podcasting CAN be all about — an extension of your creative expression and art to be able to reach new audiences and build community around that creative spark — and invitation for others to come over and play with you.” ~Andrea Klunder

This episode was mixed by Edwin R. Ruiz of Mondo Machine.
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