131: Defy social norms, express your individuality with Jetty Nieuwenhuis

131: Defy social norms, express your individuality with Jetty Nieuwenhuis

It is really time for women of every age to step into their power and listen to their desire.”

~Jetty Nieuwenhuis

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Can a conversation with a rebel influencer, recorded mid-pandemic, inspire us toward greater self-love and trust as we emerge from the COVID cocoon? 

Jetty Nieuwenhuis (pronounced Yeti) is the rebel in question. It’s an appropriate modifier to a term that absolutely conjures images of well-connected content creators seemingly unencumbered by life’s petty worries.

Also: young.

Influencer is overwhelmingly associated with youth. That’s too bad because, unlike movies and tv, in social media’s limitless expanse, there’s plenty of room for everyone – especially women – to celebrate our transits around the sun.

When it comes to the typical influencer credentials, Jetty aged out of the ingenue mold before she even began. Those few additional years have gifted her with wisdom, experience, and a healthy dose of authentic middle-finger mindset.

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I’m not deciding for you what you have to do; I’m deciding for me.

~Jetty Nieuwenhuis

I love Jetty because when she says living your life is the ultimate act of self-care, it’s not a hollow platitude; it’s her ongoing practice. Born in The Netherlands, now living on a family farm in Canada, Jetty has crafted the life she wants with tools gained from early traumas and multiple false starts. 

A survivor of Lyme disease and bulimia, Jetty gradually grew into a place of listening to her body and mind rather than other people, a great reminder that we rarely arrive anywhere – a career, a passion, a purpose – fully-formed, ready with all the answers. Through this narrative, she helps others examine their limiting beliefs, surrender to the lifelong pursuit of inner work, and get comfortable taking the initiative. 

So, here we are, ever so slowly move beyond our protective bubbles. We’re bound to bump up against our fears out there. That’s okay. Maybe we know ourselves a little better than before. Perhaps we’re more adept at focusing inward as we proceed outward. As Jetty says, we can live life on our own terms.

There’s no time like the present.

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Special Music during our stretch break: Glass bass by Frankum & Frankumjay on Freesound.org. Licensed under the Creative Commons.

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