033: How podcasting & meditation saved me…

033: How podcasting & meditation saved me…

“I eventually came to a turning point where I realized that from here, anything was possible. I started listening to entrepreneurial podcasts, and financial podcasts, creativity podcasts and “how-to-podcast” podcasts… I was able to shift my view just enough from “no options” to “infinite options!” ~Andrea Klunder

How podcasting and meditation saved me from bankruptcy, depression and impostor syndrome…

I launched my first business in 2008. Infuse Yoga Spa was my vision for an urban oasis of holistic health, wellbeing and community in the middle of the concrete jungle of Chicago. I wrote a business plan, quit my “day job” of 8 years in arts administration and took the leap with confidence, energy, a little bit of savings and a generous loan from my parents and two uncles.

5 years later, in 2013, I locked the door to the beautiful vintage storefront for the last time, dropped the keys through the mail slot, drove the Zipcar packed with my last few personal items halfway to my new apartment and then pulled over underneath the el train tracks to sob uncontrollably, saying good-bye at last to my dream.

What followed was an intense period of mourning and probably the first time I have ever truly experienced depression. I was bankrupt, not eating well, at a loss for what to do next and, in fact, completely uninspired to do much of anything, especially teach yoga. Most days I just wanted to stay under the covers and hide.

One thing I was doing was listening to podcasts. It was a form of escapism that somehow felt more productive and less dismal than watching Netflix. Podcasts like Elsie’s Yoga Class and Tranquility du Jour with Kimberly Wilson helped me meditate on days I really didn’t feel like meditating and imagine the lifestyle I really wanted to create for myself (and had somehow missed the mark on with my yoga business.)

In fact, Tranquility du Jour is the first podcast I ever listened to (back before I even knew what a podcast was.) At the early signs that my business was in trouble, a friend and colleague recommended I check out Kimberly’s website because there was something about her multi-passionate brand that reminded my friend of me. See Kimberly is not just a podcaster, she’s a yoga teacher & studio owner in the DC area. She’s a writer, a fashion designer, a counselor and she leads these incredible retreats all around the world.

I used to listen to her podcast on her website (until I learned about the whole iTunes thing) and eventually, I purchased her Conscious Business e-course along with a 60min private phone coaching. Kimberly gave me a lot of ideas, one of which was to consider starting my own podcast so I could expand my business model outside of the confines of the brick & mortar yoga studio in Chicago and start building a global audience and potential client base. In fact, my meditation teacher, Elesa Commerse, had been giving me similar “get out of the yoga studio box” counsel for months.

But at that time, I was so busy just trying to keep the box afloat… launch a podcast?! Great idea, but not right now.

So what happened next? Listen to Episode 033 and find out!

“Of course, there’s always going to be challenge and risk and failure and now I can finally add to that something that looks like success to me.” ~Andrea Klunder

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