How To Build Community & a Conference on Generosity & Spite with Jessica Kupferman

How To Build Community & a Conference on Generosity & Spite with Jessica Kupferman

“Regardless of how shy or introverted you are, this is one place where you don’t have to be afraid to be social because you’re just accepted as equal.”

~Jessica Kupferman, She Podcasts

Ahhh spring! Sort of. Here in my northern hemisphere home, it’s still hella chilly. Sol’s filling my brain with much-needed serotonin, but I’m greedy. I require more mood enhancements than these early weeks of daylight saving time can provide. Who better to chat with than Jessica Kupferman, CEO and co-founder of She Podcasts? She’s the equivalent of a vitamin D booster in hilariously brilliant, totally authentic human form.   

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Alongside co-founder Elsie Escobar (who’s also appeared on PE), Jessica has created something unique in a space dominated by male voices (literally and figuratively): the largest podcasting community created by and especially for women, non-binary, and LGBTQIA+ folks. In addition to its own podcast, extensive social media community, and membership, She Podcasts hosts She Podcasts LIVE, an annual gathering of diverse talents and viewpoints.

The best part about the She Podcasts universe? Everyone is welcome here.

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“I run on spite and, I should say, cigarettes and coffee. It just sounds funny, but that’s not true; I don’t ever drink coffee, and I don’t smoke, but spite is real.

Jessica Kupferman

Seriously, with a community of over 21,000 members, there’s room for pro podcasters, newbies, and wannabes. “You never feel like someone’s like testing to see if you’re the person they wanna talk to and like, are you good enough for me to talk to?” says Jessica of her intent for She Podcasts Live specifically. 

The entire She Podcasts ecosystem operates on the same vibe and commitment to community equality and inclusion. And now, you can even vote for your favorite high-impact podcasting projects in true She Podcasts style. The Sonic Bloom Awards are Jessica’s answer to celebrations with narrowly focused nominating criteria. 

“I think to just award best comedy, best news, best tech…like, that’s not really a skill,” she explains. The Sonic Bloom Awards spotlight independent creators who’ve shown inventiveness, creativity, and progress. “The skill is doing something different, doing something innovative––like having audio that creates an aural experience or puts you in a murder!” 

Clearly, Jessica and I listen to very different podcasts. But we bond over the life mood-elevating hit that comes from building and being a part of an inclusive podcasting community. “I think what keeps me going is knowing that it helps people,” said Jessica. “At the end of an event or even every day [online], someone’s like, you know, this group has been the thing that has helped me.” 

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